Thursday, 7 May 2009

Freaky Deeky

Fitba: why do i do it to masel? Just spent an evening as the only Jambo among a throng of Hibbies in the Phoenix, sipping pricey Grolsch lager and watchin my team lose to what i still maintain was a right dodgy penalty awarded when Freaky Deeky (above) went sprawling in the box.

Mibbies i was spoiled by glimpsin the best 4 teams in Europe over the last coupla nights but even at that, tonight's game could only be described as utter keech. Both teams struggled to stick more than a coupla passes together and the whole point seemed to be to howf it up the park as hard and fast as poss.

Complete jobbies, but it might have been acceptable had the ref not been a total womble. (To be fair to said womble, i appear to be the only person in Embra who reckons it wis nivir a pen.)

In future i really should stick to the shinty. But it was actually almost worth it for the following post-match words of wisdon from the great Csaba Laszlo, "We were not really focussed. We had too many issues in the head and we forgot to score goals.

Now there's a man who speaks sense.


  1. Football is meant to be a simple game... just pass the baw tae yer mate. Unfortunately, naebody seems to have pointed that out to our respective teams. Having said that, it was definately a penalty so build a bridge and... GIRFUY

  2. I'm over it, Johnny.

    What you won't be over for a long time to come is the worst manager in Scottish fitba plying his trade for Lochend Clover or whatever your mob's called. Twice in a row youse've squeakd a win against us and that's the sort o form that'll keep Mixu in place.

    In adition to being a useless manager, Mixu would never come out wi a barry quote like Csaba's above. (Sorry but when the fitba's so shite and both our teams have zero chance o winnin anything, i have to get ma soccer cheapies somewhere.)

  3. You're blinkered view of the Penalty incident stinks of old firm paranoia.

    You're obviously not over it, otherwise you wouldnae be writing aboot it.

    Now what was the name of that Deacon Blue song that you seem to be struggling with at the moment?

    oh aye. Dignity!!

  4. Hey anon, writing about the 'penalty' incident was a cathartic experience for me. Putting down those feelings in black and white has helped me immensely.

    If i were to use a coupla voguish, slightly wanky terms i'd say i've moved on and achieved closure. But of course, i don't speak like that.

    So, enjoy another season of Mixu and his 5-3-3, 5-4-1, 8-0-2 experimentation. Deacon Blue? Haha....that's a guid yin.

  5. Thanks for vocab lesson, Naldo.

  6. Nae bother, Ms TB.

    In truth, i was half cut and a bit adrenalised when i wrote the post, havin just run down the road from the battle cruiser (boozer).

  7. I find football tedious, yet, living in China with American friends I'm surprised that I actually miss it.

    Anyway, books: I'm looking for teenage or regular (was about to write adult lol) fiction. Without graphic sex/violence or religious content. You would have to airmail them to me in China as I'm only here for two more months.