Friday, 26 December 2008

Time to split

This barry lemon looks like she's ready for a wee break from the travails of Embra life. Which is apt cos she and me are off the morn to chill a while in South Goa.

Stay in touch kids, we love you all.

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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Holy Shit

So, the pope's come out the closet at last. In 2005 he took on the top job in Rome with a reputation for Christian fundamentalism and support for traditional (as in medieval) religious doctrine. Until now, he's pretty much kept his nasty streak in check. But today we learn that in his end of year spraff to the Curia (heid bummers at the Vatican) Pope Benedict XVI said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction. He then went on to totally reject the very reasonable concept of gender theory.

Cheesy peeps - this guy (and he's always a guy) is supposed to give spiritual guidance to an estimated 6th of the world's population. I've no doubt that many sensible Catholics will shrug, cringe or maybe even consider their continued belief in such nebulous concepts as Jesus and Mary (already heard Cristina Odone on the radio criticising his outburst). But there are bound to be bigots who feel emboldened by this kinda pish. We can now sleep a little less easy in the knowledge that life for gays and transsexuals just got a wee bit harder than it needs to be.

Peace and goodwill to all (wo)men my bumhole!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Black Bull's Barry (aye right!)

The Black Bull's a barry wee Leith Street boozer if yer right keen on screaming death metal and pished up scaffolders punchin holes in each other's pusses. Call me old fashioned but i dinnae really dig either o they things. So i was delighted that the barry weltoes drank a very snappy 2 pints then nashed round the corner to the Ark to catch Sanna last Thursday night. Not a bad wee live music gaff it is and, though the beer's a wee bit dearer than the Bull's, the tunes are mos def better.

As promised, Sanna gave us a set of 7 entirely new tunes. I right dug the lot - particularly 'Sailor Farmer Soldier', where Dick Bromley went a bit mental on the geetar and the closing 'Head of Sam Smith' - a country and western number (set in Cramnond Inn) on which Mr O'D and Nobby were finally let loose on harmonium and melodian respectively. Well tasty. If exquisitely textured, multi instrumental melodies are your bag, keep those peepers peeled for news on more live action from Sanna in the weeks to come.

Sorry bout the shabby pic but Fotoburd was on a chrimbo day/night out (humbug anyk unt?) and i cannae really work thon poxy digi thing. Ended up somewhat reekin wi Chip in Pearce's on the way back down the Walk. Best boozer of the night but double Miller gins? On a school night? Oofcha! Been feelin ma age ever since. There must be more to life than bevvy. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Sanna Live at the Ark

Sanna's 6 month silence comes to an end on Thursday night (18/12) at the Ark, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh. The lads will be on (the really quite salubrious) stage without bass player, Allan Dunbar. Al left in controversial circumstances shortly after my all time fave Sanna gig at the French Institute's Fete de la Musique.

Al's barry basslines will be hugely missed and i wish he'd get back workin with a band as soon as poss (c'mon Al). Colin Millar remains to tweak beats and bleeps so it'll no be right back to that super paired down sound the 3 founders brought North from London just shy of the last World Cup.

The band have been bashin away in the studio since that last gig in June so i cannae wait to hear what they've been up to. I'll be gone from Embra soon and, while it'll be strange seein Sanna minus Al, this is the sorta shit i miss when i'm gone so i'll be lappin it up. Full gig report (impartial natch) and maybe some barry pix to follow at the weekend.