Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Kevin Keegan

It's a shite state of affairs that Scotland arenae in the World Cup (Tommy) and all the fresh air in the world in the world, etc.....but every cloud.....

I'd almost forgotten how much of a clown Kevin Keegan is til up he popped on Saturday with his pre-match prediction of a 4-1 win for England. I'd been lyin on the settee, feelin sorry for masel wi slightly dodgy guts when i heard that pish and near fell off said couch guffawin.

And Kev's got form when it comes to giein me a titter.

His rant against Ferguson was kinda tasty. But back in 1976, Superstars was the best thing on tv and when KK fell aff his bike and blew any chance o winnin, i'd truly learned the meaning of schadenfreude (tho i didnae ken it yet).

Thank you to that rude boy at De-evolving for mindin me o this. He's got a mucky mouth but i'm sure his heart's in the right place.

Last week i'd been gonna avoid this World Cup as far as poss. Now i'll be tunin in as oft as poss in the hope that Mr K's gob is unleashed on us once again. Or mibbies he'll fall off his seat - ye cannae whack a pratfall.

And if cuddly Kevin does come up trumps, i won't have felt that good since Archie Gemmil scored against Holland in 1978. (That's no quite true.)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Here Comes The Summer of Love

It's been months since i wrote anyfink in this blog. Been busy learnin to spraff about Scotland to backpackers and sometimes to posher b&b types. It's been stressful, tiring and frankly no good for my close relationships but there's nae denyin it's been hugely educational, barry fun and erm....a bit o an ego boost anaw.

While i've been away i've missed Mand (boo!), the shitey election (yay!), the Embra snickers (boo!), crap on the tellybox (yay!) Gil Scott Heron, LCD Soundsystem and the Charlatans (boo!) But the long, deep winter has deffo gone and my cactus has sprung the huge red flower shown above so i'm convinced we're on the verge o a long hot summer of love.

Shit i'm even gonna miss mosta the World Cup. How barry is that?