Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Long Hot Summer Just Passed Me By

32 years after the Jam's first single release and 37 after he first formed the band, it's still tres cool in some quarters to bang on about how barry Paul Weller is. In some eyes, the so called Modfather cannae put a foot wrong. Everyone loves the Jam and a lotta cats dig Weller's patchy solo output but most peeps dinnae really get the Style Council. Personally i loved them, dodgy boatin clobber anaw.

They dressed like fuds but this was was the early 80's and let's be honest, who didnae? Early on the band released a tiptop cheap as chips soul-infused mini album, nane too originally entitled Introducing The Style Council. This smashin wee platter included the doleful Long Hot Summer single with its catchy line "...the long hot summer just passed me by".

I ken how they felt. September awready. Cheesy peeps.


  1. Wellers a strange yin for me.

    I love the Jam.
    I like some Style Council stuff.
    I dinne mind his solo stuff.
    He comes across well in interviews.


    Everytime I've seen him live in concert I'm bored after the first 20 minutes.

  2. I saw the Jam loads of times live, and laso liked some Style Council stuff. But I saw Weller once on his own and was bored even faster than Scottie was. Dull, dull, dull!

  3. Wahey - that'll be unanimous then. Weller's a grumpy, boring bastard live. And he charges too much.

    Never understood how come he's so venerated and it took Strummer to die for the media luvvies to rally round. Joe was barry live right up to the end and never charged over the odds to see him/the Mescaleroes.

  4. PS, what a shite short summer though, eh? 3 in a row.

  5. How barry Paul Weller is? Barry? I think I like your language.

  6. Aye, Wolynski ma man, the spraff's no too shabby in Embra.

  7. Cheesy peeps? You gotta love it.
    Naldo, got a message for you on my blog. Feel free to tell me to fuck off.

  8. I'm happy the summer's over. It was too hot and sunny all the friggin time... seriously, it gets DULL. Give me an autumn day, any day!

    But I can appreciate your sentiment, Naldo.

    Now off to Wolynski's blog... teehee.

  9. I'm happy summer is ending. I'm really looking forward to autumn and the chilly nights and days.

    80's music...and style. I remember it fondly. I was a HUGE Duran Duran freak in high school, I loved their music.
    New wave, punk...ah , the memories.

  10. Seems the North American inhabitants have a bit more to be smug aboot weather wise than the North European suckers. We've had 3 damp wash outs in a row. Everybody loves the sunshine but i can barely mind what it looks like.

    Autumn is great tho, spesh after a long hot summer when there the trees are bustin wi leaves, berries, seeds and awthat.

    Duran Duran, teeheehee. My wife saw them at Embra Castle a coupla months back. She tried to drag me along anaw. My presence woulda doubled male attendance at the gig. New Wave, punk, post-punk, indie - ahhhh.....now yer talkin. There's a magic book bout the post-punk scene called Rip It Up and Start Again by Simon Reynolds. Well wortha peek if that's yer bag.

    By the way, it's sunny right noo. I should moan bout the weather more often.