Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Sanna Live at the Ark

Sanna's 6 month silence comes to an end on Thursday night (18/12) at the Ark, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh. The lads will be on (the really quite salubrious) stage without bass player, Allan Dunbar. Al left in controversial circumstances shortly after my all time fave Sanna gig at the French Institute's Fete de la Musique.

Al's barry basslines will be hugely missed and i wish he'd get back workin with a band as soon as poss (c'mon Al). Colin Millar remains to tweak beats and bleeps so it'll no be right back to that super paired down sound the 3 founders brought North from London just shy of the last World Cup.

The band have been bashin away in the studio since that last gig in June so i cannae wait to hear what they've been up to. I'll be gone from Embra soon and, while it'll be strange seein Sanna minus Al, this is the sorta shit i miss when i'm gone so i'll be lappin it up. Full gig report (impartial natch) and maybe some barry pix to follow at the weekend.

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