Sunday, 21 December 2008

Black Bull's Barry (aye right!)

The Black Bull's a barry wee Leith Street boozer if yer right keen on screaming death metal and pished up scaffolders punchin holes in each other's pusses. Call me old fashioned but i dinnae really dig either o they things. So i was delighted that the barry weltoes drank a very snappy 2 pints then nashed round the corner to the Ark to catch Sanna last Thursday night. Not a bad wee live music gaff it is and, though the beer's a wee bit dearer than the Bull's, the tunes are mos def better.

As promised, Sanna gave us a set of 7 entirely new tunes. I right dug the lot - particularly 'Sailor Farmer Soldier', where Dick Bromley went a bit mental on the geetar and the closing 'Head of Sam Smith' - a country and western number (set in Cramnond Inn) on which Mr O'D and Nobby were finally let loose on harmonium and melodian respectively. Well tasty. If exquisitely textured, multi instrumental melodies are your bag, keep those peepers peeled for news on more live action from Sanna in the weeks to come.

Sorry bout the shabby pic but Fotoburd was on a chrimbo day/night out (humbug anyk unt?) and i cannae really work thon poxy digi thing. Ended up somewhat reekin wi Chip in Pearce's on the way back down the Walk. Best boozer of the night but double Miller gins? On a school night? Oofcha! Been feelin ma age ever since. There must be more to life than bevvy. Any suggestions?


  1. Who knitted that guy's barry red bunnet?

  2. Mr O'd's bunnet was knitted by Gill Norval. It is indeed barry.

  3. Never heard it being called that before and bloody hell, if I knew they could be knitted I wouldn't have bothered getting wi Dunk.