Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Bubbye Sunshine

The pic above shows Palolem beach, Colomb bay (beaches need sand to be called a beach - Brighton may be havin a laugh but it sure aint got a beach) and the very north end of Patnem beach at the bottom of the shot. Last Friday i woke up in Patnem beach and by Saturday afternoon was at a stag do in Peebles.

Modern transport's a wonderful thing (baby) cos it really can get you from one place to another awfy awfy sharp. However, it also burns a lotta petrol which i'm lead to believe helps screw up the world's weather. This isnae good.

On a personal level, there's also the downside of that thang called jetlag. This sensation appears to be exacerbated by going straight from Patnem to Dabolim to Bombay to London to Embra to Leith (for a quick shower and change o scants) to Peebles (for said stag bash) to the Phoenix (for traditional Sunday sesh action) til closin time with only 5 hours kip.

My heid is now officially up ma erse. Sideways. Great stag tho and shooge shout out to Seony for the lift from Embra to Leith to Peebles. I may feel like a paper bag o pish but it's good to be home. Scotland i love you (and to be fair, the sun shone all weekend in Peebles, cept when twas dark natch).


  1. Welcome home mate. Give it a day or two and the heid'll clear. Mebbe. Beats the shit out of Arbroath beach tho.