Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Gas Cooker Rocks

Got in last night after a no so barry shift on the phones - try callin up random cats to ask their views on the NHS while Barca v. Chelsea's on the telly, it's tricky. So i fancied a spot o telly masel and was mildly chuffed to see that after Newsnight, beeb2 had the snooker on. I've been keen on the old gas cooker since the mid 70's when all you got on telly was Pot Black and the odd clip o the world champs, often viewed on a wee b&w portable in ma bedroom. Around this time i was oft to be seen skulkin around the shadowy bits (they were all shadowy) of Manse Road snooker hall in Corstorphine - a true anachronism which, even in the long hot summer of 76, felt strangely monochromatic.

Anyway, interest for me probly reached a peak when Alex Higgins won the title for the second (and final) time in 1982. The Hurricane had previously won it in 72 but i was a right nipper then and didnae really notice. It's kinda been downhill since then with the occassional exception of some Whirlwind action from Jimmy White and of course, all those big tourney wins by local lad and Jambo Mr Stephen Hendry.

Hendry was never the most excitin player to watch but last night reminded me of what watchin top notch sports peeps is all about - sometimes they do things that make the rest of us feel like the dobbers we are. Check this out and tell me you wouldnae be shittin yer pants by the end if you didnae ken what was gonna happen. Must say that £147k for 10 mins work is more than a tad excessive. In fact it's obscene but hey, such is modern life.

And at least naekunt said "You're fired."


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-ha!

    gas cooker = snooker

    Ok, that only took about a day. :-/


  2. It's cool, snooker's a slow game so yer thought process wiz quite apt, Ms TB.

    Haste's overrated.

  3. My range cooker from rangemaster worth every penny. I wanted so much a black gas range cooker and now I have it. I can finally say that I am a happy cook.