Monday, 22 February 2010

Holidays In The Sun

"I don't want a holiday in the sun".....hmmmm.....easy for the Pistols to say.

Despite no long havin had a 3 weeker in Goa, i'd love a holiday in the sun right now. I'd happily settle for a holiday in the rain as it happens (greedy, i ken). The diary of my time in Goa's all about swimmin the bay, gently joggin the beaches, munchin barry scran, sippin gin, hangin wi mates and walkin the dog (ahhhh.....wee Roxy, ah pure miss you, hen).

My diary since returnin's all about humfin tonnes o concrete (Giz's garden project), deliverin supermarket messages to gadgies who recognise me from youth club days (scary) and whingein bout the cold. Despite a few brave bulbs pokin green shoots above ground and a tangible lengthenin of daylight hours, it still feels awfy like winter and it's startin to do my nut in.

Still no sign of the IT game pickin up so i've applied to do a full time course in horticulture, landscaping and garden design, i'm def on a grow yer own veg course in March and tomorrow i start voluntary work at the very special Dr Neil's Garden in Duddingston. Also had an interview on Friday for a job as coach driver/tour guide for backpackin travellers to Scotland so time will tell on that front.

On Sat me, ma burd and Chipster went on the Scotland United anti-fascist demo in town. Twas most gratifying that there were so may more of us than there were the so called scottish defence league (sdl) - a bussed in crew of mainly English fitba casuals intent on terrorising Muslims. The thugs weren't allowed to march so cowered in a coupla city centre boozers afore scurrying homeward tae think again. (I like to think they have quieter moments when they do actually think.)

My view is that many peeps attracted to neo-fascist groups are daft wee, frustrated lads and lassies who cannae come to terms wi their own homosexuality (Griffin's Question Time description of 2 men kissing as "creepy" looked highly hypocritical to me). It's time these radges lightened up and had a good shag - twould be good for them and very good for the minorities on whom they take out their frustrations.

Apart from that, Hearts have just won 2 games in a row, Hibs have just lost 3 and i've just read this about Embra's Central Mosque Cafe. Maybe Spring is on its way.


  1. I wrote this on my blog to you:

    Naldo, your comment doesn't really warrant a response. I made clear in the post that this was nothing to do with Muslims but with buildings and national security.

    I find your remarks offensive and completely unjustified.

    You obviously don't know the area or you would understand why I think as I do. Shame you didn't read what I wrote.

  2. Subrosa.....If Naldo's comment 'doesn't really warrant a response'... why have you responded twice? Duh! Muppet.
    Anyways Naldo, good to see you back. Good luck with your upcoming ventures. Sounds like the biz to me.
    And you never know, mebbe see you at Dens next season!

  3. Naldo, thought it wiz time tae huv a deek at yer blog. Gid show. Jist a comment oan yer need fur a hoaliday cos oh the winter. A liv in Germany weve hud a fit n a half o snow since before jesus birthday, its still here now! So stop yer moanin and huv fun in the gairdi in the fresh air n o that.

  4. Sorry, Subrosa, i didnae mean to offend. Maybe i'm touchy on the subject but i read, see and hear Islamaphobia everywhere these days. Cats just wanna get on wi their lives without being branded as terrorist sympathisers.

    Cheers, Neil, tis good to be back though i wish i could think o summat more interestin to blog about.

    Good shout, Bobrob, i've become a moanin faced fud. There's ay some poor gadge worse off than yirsel eh. Germany? Spawny getchay, even if yer weather is pish the noo. Promise ma next post'll be mair upbeat.

  5. Hey Naldo! Nice to read (and attempt to understand) a new post on your blog. ;-)

    I'm actually jealous of the snow; I haven't seen one flake of it this year (sob!).

    The horticulture, landscaping and design gig sounds excellent... hmmm... actually it sounds like something I might look into myself! (lightbulb goes bling)