Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Despite bein a generally dour fecker, i can be annoyingly chirpy at times and right now's one o them. Winter's clearly essential in the big scheme o stuff but when you've been skint in the dark and cold since the end of October, it seems only fair that things should change a bit come March. And change appears to be happenin.

Yesterday i went wi the cool gardenin crew from Dr Neil's to Cambo Gardens firra gawp at their world class woodland snowdrop collection (some of which is shown above). In my ignorance, i didnae realise how many thoosands of snowdrop varieties there are or how spectacular they can look mixed in woods wi crocuses and other early risers. Cambo's a groovy wee spot on the East Neuk and i'll def make the effort to get back there in summer to check the roses and prairie grasses in its walled garden. 

On the way back we grabbed a bit strollin action in Anstruther and Pittenweem. Flippin barry and the chips were nane too shabby anaw (tho slightly let doon by overly broon chippy sauce).

So, filled wi the joys o Spring and Fife and that, i also scheduled in a coupla def gardenin jobs for Thursday and Friday this week, a very probable 2 day gardenin makeover for the tail end o next week and a definite 3 day assessment trip wi backpackers to Glencoe, Inverness and Skye for the start o next week. If i like them (i love awkunt) and they like me (who wouldnae?) i might well be doin the tours thing as a proper job in the very near future.

I'm jumpin aroon like a bairn on chrimbo eve right noo. Things are so damn fab, i've even just been called by ma supermarket boss to say i can have an unexpected night off the night. This means me an ma lovely lemon curd can use the voucher we won at an LGBT fundraiser last Sat for a free meal fir 2 wi wine chucked in anaw.

Tasty weather, mair work than i can shake a stick at and now free scran and wine? Sometimes i feel like throwin ma hands up in the air....

Bummer footnoote: things woulda been so very much better if Michael Foot had beaten Thatcher in the 1983 general election and i've just read this. At least Mikey got to have a decent kick at the baw so i'm still happy.


  1. Gled tae hear thit yer oan a roll Naldo ma man. Bit thir is a sayin thit goes a we bit like don't praise the eavnin bafore the mornin or words tae that effect. Whit um sayin is dinae git too chuffed in aw that. Um no a dreerie cunt bit yae seem tae be a wee bit tae full o the joys o spring. Still a wid be the first gadgie tae say goan yir sel!

  2. Fuck sake boab, a though a wis negative but you make me feel like a glass half full type of gadgie.
    Ave a goat a wee sayin naldo that goes along the lines ay "Fuck Aye". You've goat tae enjoy the good times when they come aroond so make hay while the sun shines an aw that.


  3. I feel bad that I can only write like this. I can hear my Canadian accent in my head as I type. How boring.

    Anyway, great post. Sunshine and snowdrops, with chips. Love it.

  4. Like the sound o' the tours Naldo, hope it works oot.

  5. Hey anon, cheers fir yir positivity but go easy on Bobrob - i ken where he's comin fae. I shall indeed make hay the noo but have nae doots the clouds'll be rollin back in at some point.

    PG, there's nowt boring bout the Canadians i've met or read, dinnae be puttin yirsel doon. I only write this way sporadically - sometimes i forget not to speak proper English.

    Dougie, aye, i'm kinda likin the thought o these tours masel - paid to drive a bus and splaff on aboot places i love. Get in! Why the long silence, ma man. I yearn for one o your opinionated spraffs.

  6. Naldo, spring is definately oan the way. That was a hoor o a winter, but happy times ahead for all honest workin' gadgies.

    As for snowdrops, is that no chorin' stuff fae washin' lines. I mind losing a barry new pair o 501's I bought wi ma first ever pay packet tae some snowdroppin' lowlife back in the day. Gutted I was, knock yer pan in aw week fer fuck all. It was an omen I tell ye, story o my life ever since.

    Fuck ahm startin' tae sound like Bobrob, better stop noo.

  7. Twa Scots meet in the street on a stoatin' gloamin'.....'bra nicht' sez yin..... 'Aye, but we'll pay for it.....'

    That bastard Calvin has a lot to answer for...

  8. I've just seen this one... Cheered me right up... and then I read Neil's comment above and I fell about laughing.... Brilliant!