Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Here Comes The Summer of Love

It's been months since i wrote anyfink in this blog. Been busy learnin to spraff about Scotland to backpackers and sometimes to posher b&b types. It's been stressful, tiring and frankly no good for my close relationships but there's nae denyin it's been hugely educational, barry fun and erm....a bit o an ego boost anaw.

While i've been away i've missed Mand (boo!), the shitey election (yay!), the Embra snickers (boo!), crap on the tellybox (yay!) Gil Scott Heron, LCD Soundsystem and the Charlatans (boo!) But the long, deep winter has deffo gone and my cactus has sprung the huge red flower shown above so i'm convinced we're on the verge o a long hot summer of love.

Shit i'm even gonna miss mosta the World Cup. How barry is that?


  1. Welcome back Naldo. Missed yer spraffin'.

    Huv ye hit any deer on the A9 yit?
    You must have hud at least a brace o' pheasants by noo. Thon radge birds get even mair stupid during the shaggin' season aboot now. They've survived a winter o' gittin' shot at by drunk toffs and now they celebrate life by rollin' aboot fightin and chasin wummin oan the busy roads.

    Ach we were all young once ah suppose.

  2. Naldo!
    Welcome back tae the real world. Naen oh yer Swedish diplomats daughters here jist the boys fae the high wall an the rest oh the radge gadgies.
    Ahm glad thit ye seem tae be oan a good number enjoy. Watch oot fitr they peasants or wiz it pheasants. Ach whae giz a fuck.

  3. You forgot to add Rockness to your list of missed things mate.

    Sorry to remind you but what are mates for.

  4. Cheers, High Waw gadgies. Tis sound tae be back. Seen many's a splattered burd on the A9 in recent weeks. Makes a change fae the "sleepin" deer all over the roads further north a few weeks back - they've aw buggered off back tae the hills now the snow's mainly melted.

    Right enough, anon, Rockness will be sorely missed. Gie GM Flash a high 5 fae me and, if it's no too cheesy, i'd right dig a wee autograph fae the man himsel. Since i've been bangin oot the Message and keepin his light aflame on the buses, it's the least he could do fir aes. The bairns at work call me Grandfather Flash, cheeky bamsticks.

  5. Hey Naldo....

    Welcome home...

    Channel 4 at 8 (in case you missed my post at Munguin's Rep). Programme about the bankers...