Monday, 5 January 2009


Tom Weir was well acquantied with the Himalayas, scaling peaks throughout India, Pakistan and Nepal. Some details of these expeditions can be read in the hugely enjoyable "Weir's World", in which Tom also touches on his impressions of the region. Understandably for an autobiographical book by a travel writer, mountaineer and mainstream broadcaster, there's little chat about the politics of the places Tom visits (he was a barry gadgie but never a revolutionary).

The situation in and between India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan continues to be a right bloody mess 60 years after the British Empire finaly cut and run (not that it wasn't a mess before then). Things in Nepal, however, look a lot more promising. Nepal is still one of the poorest countries in Southern Asia and its biggest export is still its people. Tens of thousands of guys (and yep, they're all guys) like Bishan, Bashant and Akash above head south for 6 months every year to cook tasty scran and serve drinks to loafers like me in the tourist spots of India.

I've met cheery and frighteningly hard working Nepali cats wherever i've been in India. There's no minimum wage and certainly no European Working Time Directive to protect these guys but every year they happily uproot from their families and friends to earn a comparitively good wage, the bulk of which goes back to sustain the communites from whence they came. Nepal really is a crazily poor country but things might be changing for the better. After decades of persistent and sometimes violent opposition to the corrupt, effete and downright nasty regime which tyrranised the country for centuries, Nepal's monarchy was finally toppled from power in 2007.

A new constitution and system of governement are still being thrashed out and for most people, little has changed so far. But the violence has abated and the Nepali people i've spoken to are genuinely optimistic about their country's future for the first time in their lives. I'm right up for binning our own shitey monarchy - whilst not in the same league as Nepal's, they are of course a shower of parasytical, tax avoiding in-breds and i'd love to see the day when they have to work for a living like awkunt else. Or mibbies they could sign on the brew. No sure i'd go as far as Bishan and Bashant in calling for a Leith Free State though.

By the way, how spawny were hibs yesterday?


  1. Well, aye, there is a tenuous link wey Mr Tom Weir and Nirvana... Tom's sister - Molly Weir - appeared on Rent-a-Ghost back in the 80's and she was famous for having a really white coupon and ruby red lips. A Weegie band called The Vaselines wrote a song called 'Molly's Lips' about our favourite Rent-a-Ghost character which became one of Kurt Cobain's favourite tracks. Kurt subsequently asked The Vaselines to support Nirvana on their UK tour and Nirvana also covered two Vaselines records.
    So there ye go - Tom Weir to Kurt Cobain in 4 or 5 easy steps...

  2. Nice one, Stevie. I knew i could depend on ye.

  3. Whit aboot the Embra big team not having a shot on goal at home and getting beat by Motherwell? Could be an indication to where the result is gonna go on Sunday when they play Embra's 'wee team' for the second time in a fortnight...

  4. Not that I'm one for eating my words but what a shite state of affairs Hibs are in after that embarrassing performance at Easter Road on Sunday. Hearts were pish but with their new signing who wore black for the whole game and had a whistle sticking oot his coupon, he ruined what was a fairly even end to end match.
    Bloody ref's should get the goats off their cocks and do the job they are paid for - not takin kick backs fae Lithuanian business men.
    I'm startin tae feel a wee bit better efter that!

  5. Glad you got that off your chest, Stevie. As i was on a houseboat in the Keralan Backwaters at the time, i am not in a position to argue with your analysis of the recent cup tie between our favourite teams. All i can say is Your mob's oot the cup. Git it right up ye!