Saturday, 3 January 2009

Roxy Come Home

Tom Weir woulda been 93 on 29th December (if he hadnae gone and snuffed it). Wherever he went in the world, from Springburn to Swaziland, Tom had an easy way wi the locals which could be why he seemed to get the help he needed to make the most of his time on this planet (or maybe he had a right pushy director on Weir's Way). But i reckon even he'd have been hard pressed to get my pal Raju to do what he did for me on Tom's birthday.

Last year, early one morn we found a wee, few weeks old bundle o fluff and fleas on the doorstep and could do nowt but take her in, feed her milk, powder the fleas and hope she didnae cop her whack. Roxy lived, grew a bit and became our best non-human pal in Patnem. One wet, windy and very stressful night 6 months later we had her neutered and a week after that we headed back to Embra leaving Roxy to spend monsoon wi Raju and his family a few miles up the Ghats in Cotigao.

So on Tom's birthday just passed we set off up the hills to bring Roxy back down the beach. Little had we imagined that Raju was gonna carry her back on his knee on the back o a scooter but that's precisely what he did. This wiz no mean feat: Roxy's grown considerably plus the road's steep and bumpy (much trickier than it looks in the photo taken by Mand whilst hangin off the back of our scooter). The dug wiz clearly freaked by the whole escapade and fair louped about in Raju's arms. But our main man held firm and now she's back jumpin around with us and her wee pack o dug pals round the back o the beach. Flippin barry!

There's a great wee connection between Tom Weir and Nirvana by the way. Stevie D related this in the Carrier's Quarters but alas, twas xmas eve, i was reekin and i canne mind it noo. Maybe Stevie will remind me.


  1. Roxy's back! Hurray hurray!! Hope she is enjoying the beach and holding her own with the big mean dogs. Go Roxy, sick em!

  2. Jose, she sure is back. Bigger and funnier than ever. She just follows me around everywhere but refuses to come in the hosue so crashes right outside and makes wee snarly noises if any stranger rolls up. I love dat bitch even if she is still scared o the sea..

    Give the Barnster a hug and tickle from me.