Saturday, 24 January 2009

Appee Daze

It's no all full on swimmin, cyclin, kayakin and sippin gently on yer sundown g&t oot here ye ken. Sometimes we go oot on Bart's boat all day firra nosh up, big shwally and a right good whack o the nonsense. Yesterday was Auchmore Donald's birthday so we got in that saddle and rode the pony hard fae the back o 10 til sunset (half 6ish).

Choons for the day were mainly supplied by Donnie and Abbie - a coupla right barry nutjobs fae Invershneck (Brummy accent of the North i reckon). Anyway, sounds on deck included heaps o cool blue jazz followed by a wee mad Madchester hour and a healthy dose o early early Dylan. There wiz some ruff tuff dub stuff goin on anaw. One must tip ones musical titfer in the direction o the lads fae up North, even if o them is a hun. Copie's a hun anaw so they're no aw bad i guess.

One o KC's other favourite phrases pops out his gob on days like yesterday. He's usually exhaling a shooge puff as he looks up and gives it "Appee Daze". Well said KC.

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  1. Aye, while your gaying it up wey yer new pals we are all here grafting, trying tae earn a crust tae put scran in oor mooth's. Ye missed the Heidspin birthday party (I was there bit kinda missed it masel through the copious amounts of lager beer consumed). And the usual shite - Hibs get beat, Hearts cheat into another win... Nothing much changes.

    How's the burd? Has her erse stopped dripping? Send ma love in the guise of a big cork.

    And although Cope', Chico and Adam are the exception to the Hun rule, Huns are all bad. Suppose ye dinnae see that yersel, being a mini hun. Dae ye's sit up late at night discussing the kinda length of material that draped around yer faithers shoulders and how it relates tae a war that happened three hundred and twenty years (give or take) ago?
    Not that I'm bitter likesy.

    Aye it's always a cleansing experience venting ma misguided, misinformed points of views.