Saturday, 7 February 2009


Back in frosty Embra, if some radge stuck a bunch o green and white swastikas wi orange and maroon elephants atop ma front door, i'd probly take sumfink of the hump. Not so oot here tho.

Both Hindus and Buddhists have long used the swastika to presage good luck and general barryness. The swastika is seen all over India on buildings, buses, shops and items of jewellery. Unlike Sid Vicious, most Indians refrain from wearin it ironic stylee on their t-shirts.

The fat Jambo elephant is cool gadge mos pop god in Hinduism, know as Ganesh. Unlike Sid Vicious, many many Indians do indeed wear Ganesh t-shirts, tho mibbies no in ironic stylee. I've even got a Ganesh t-shirt masel and, if i can just shift a bit o the current Ganesh style flobby belly, i'm plannin to sport it through the long hot summer months in the greater Leith area. (My best pal, Shan, out here pointed at said belly the day and went, "Hey Donaldo, this has gone in." Shan never lies so i've clearly firmed up a bit in the midriff region. Bonus!)

So anyway, i was right chuffed when Raju (Roxy protector) came round yesterday and stuck thon hand crocheted number above our front door. His brother makes them. Talented gadge. I may well order a few up as prezzies for some o the luckier cats of ma ken back home.

Apart fae that, the sea's now gettin a bit too warm. Still, it's ay a refresher and it appears to help bellies to go in.


  1. Good chat fella.

    I wouldn't generally wear the swastika on my clothing, but that's mainly due to the way it be received by those others who are ignorant of the meaning of the symbol, only aware of the Nazi connotations.

    The Nazis were very big on symbolism and had a lot of strong insignia and emblems. Hitler have made a good logo designer in an advertising or graphic design agency. Would probably have done a lot less harm there too.

    Glad to hear the girth of the gut is gradually getting less great.

    Going off topic for a second, you cropped up in one of the films that play in my head while I sleep last night. You were busy writing a novel that you had been thinking about for a while. It was all about this hi-tech device that was an electronic thing that was like a cross between a laptop and an envelope that you could put three dimensional objects into and they became two dimensional and integrated themselves with the circuitry.

    All a bit science fiction, but you can have that idea and run with it.

    Stay cool bro, enjoy the warm sea. x

  2. Yo, Al. Good to ken you dreamt about me and i only hope you didnae fall outta bed twice.

    Entirely agree that it would likely have been far better for the world if Ad H had stuck to the art and design stuff instead of his second choice of career. He shoulda moved to Madison Avenue instead of Austria. Damn that pesky treaty of Versailles.

    The dreamt idea for a novel does indeed sound a bit seeonce feexion but i'll mull it over and let ya ken.

    Today's our pal Sarah's birthday so i'm just a tinge concerned that it'll be a boozy old day on the beach. Been for my doggy walk already and off for a long swim in a min so i should be worth a coupla beers later in the day.

    See and have a traditionally relaxed Sunday yirsel, son. Big YOBE out to Meljo.

    Catch ye, gadgie.

  3. Alright baw jaws?

    Well this India lark sounds like a piece ay pish. Dug walkin and swimming. life's a chore eh?
    No a great deal has happened this weekend that is out ay the norm.
    Scotland got humped by Wales in the rugger. Ra ra ra!
    Hearts got humped by Falkirk in the cup. Ha ha ha!
    Chebbs had a birthday hersel on Sunday, a wee scran doon at The Kings Wark and plenty of bevvy in the hoose kinda summed it up.
    Talking as you were about symbols and insignia's and the like I drew a big cock in the snow at the back of Lidl's last night.
    Oh aye - Mr Adolf and his army were kitted out in uniforms designed by the very Shuggy Boss as well. Bet ye ken't that anyway.
    So does havin an elephant on yer simmit make yer stomach look wee'er? Does the observer clap eyes on the fat elephant and compare the elephant belly tae the wearer of the simmit?

    I'll finish off by descrbing the dream I've had a few times this week. I'll no go into detail, just tae say I had less ribs and about another 4 inches.
    And no. Ye wern't in ma dream Don.

    Baw deep!

  4. I've been meaning tae tell ye fir a couple ay weeks now - there's nae Connect this year, apparently some kinda credit brunch or something has cancelled it with the hope tae do it all again the following year.

    Stick that in yer pipe and blaze it ya fud!

  5. Yer right, Stevie, this India gig really is a piece o pish - well worth the inconvenience of a few quid on the air fare if ye can afford it. However, there's ay that nasty carbon footprint ting naggin away at the back o the conscience. Hmmmm. All i can say is i do ma bit in other ways. An if ah could git here by boat, ah mos def wid.

    Cocks in the snow at the back o Lidl. Lovely image - how come ye nivir photaed it and stuck a copy on yir ain blog. The world waits wi baited breath on the commencement o the Spankmeister Diaries and thoughts fae the bard o Leith (Scottie B). Methinks Mr C could do a wee view fae the cool shade o blue side ting too anaw.

    C'moan boys!

    Oh aye, and as fir the fitba, it's clearly a game fir phannies. I'm more o a shinty fan masel these days. Up the Beauly!

    Tell Chebbs happy burfty fae all at Tantra (except Sadie who's still in London).

    Gouranga ya bass.

  6. PS Connect - what kin ah say. If they hadnae had such a keech line up last year, some peeps might have actually showed up. Mibbies the bar was set too high the year previous.

    Anyway, dis year tis JOCKSTOCK or bust fir me. Bring on yer Dumfries an Galloway - apparently, the cheese is guid there anaw.

  7. Speakin' of jockstock, I seen this recently (you might have to copy and paste that) check oot the hot burd in the blue dress. Rumour has it she's in hiding in india.

  8. Quality link anon, thank you for that. The hot burd has indeed been seen smilin a lot round these parts, tho usually in a red and white polka dot number.

    She's currently off in Hampi wi a bunch o weltoes but due back any day.

    As fir Jockstck, i's def up firrit noo ahve seen the pics. Roll on the summer!