Saturday, 14 February 2009

Slumdog Flash and the Pink Pink Pants

Tuesday night saw me finally scramble out the ghetto where i grew feelin second rate (Corstorphine): for a coupla decades i've harboured a nane too secret desire to give out the Message in a live music situation - finally i mustered the baws to git up and do it. Grandmaster Flash might have been furious as fuck as i mumbled my way through the bits i dinnae ken too well (what's a sacrophiliac?) . But my bud, Ben, who also popped his live gig cherry with some blindin ragtime geetar, telt me i sounded like a Beastie Boy. More Brooklyn than Bronx? I'll take dat shit. Guid laugh aw roond - cheers to Leigh and Tom for funky flipflop backin.

Wednesday saw a bunch o us catch Slumdog Millionaire on a big screen made outta 2 bedsheets. I now get the hype. Based on Vikas Swarup's interesting enough novel, "Q&A", Simon Beaufoy's written a crackin wee screenplay for Danny Boyle's dip into India. It looks and feels very much like the India, and specifically the Bombay, that i've seen - right intrigued to hear what the local lads reckon when they watch it up at Tantra hoose. Anyway, beautiful performances from Dev Patel, Freida Pinto and Anil Kapoor. And i laughed ma flippin heid off (hahabonk!) at the joke about Kingussie. Being a bit o a shinty buff, i'd have liked a quick mention o Beauly but hey, even monster smash hits cannae have it all.

Then i read this barry bitto stuff in the Times of India. It's always a bit dodgy gettin too opinionated bout political/cultural stuff goin on in other countries, even if you spend months on end there (bet i spend more time in India than Shir Hun Connery does in Shconnie Botland). But there's clearly nothin wrong in standin up against right wing thugggery wherever it happens. So when the Shri Ram Sene went breengin into a Mangalore pub and whacked awkunt inside cos they dinnae dig burds havin a bevvy, i didnae need askin twice to nash into Chaudi firra pair o pink pants. As Mr X would put it, "FUKKUN!"


  1. Awright radgies, this is the first time Ive seen yer blog gadgie. Well, apart from that time you texted me ower the link about the Sanna gig. Its good to hear your Indian chat and you dont actually just fuck off to Saughton and Cornton Valefor 4 months as I have previously thought.

    Me and the Nobster went off to see Slumdog last night and I thought it was right good. Its funny cause we were wondering if youz would think that it represented India. Its a barry wee story though. Not too sure about the Feel Good Film of the year chat though, I tripped and twisted my ankle as walking out the cinema and defo didnt feel good. Saying that though, Im off work today because of it and that feels pretty good.

    Seen a couple of previous threads about festival chat, so you know that Connect is suprise there though. Dont know if you have heard on not but Super Furrys are playing at Rock Ness as are Flaming Lips, Basement Jaxx and Orbital. Its the weekend of the 15th June, and we're possibly maybe going up. Be right barry if could get a squad up an aw.

    So when are yooz back?

    Missing you both in a barry bleathing styleeee


  2. Hey Juju - el barrio to hear from ya. Slumdog was barry and i thought it was right like India but all the Indian peeps i've spoken to say it's a pile o unrealistic Hollywood nonsense. Hmmmm.

    Rock Ness sound triffick - i've mailed a few of youse cats about it and am mos def up for it. Orbital? Flippin eck - thought i'd seen the last o them but deighted they're back. I love um. And the Super Furries - oofcha!

    We're back on da 26th o March or sumamt like that. Cannae wait (that's a fuggin shooge pants on fire statement byrraway).

    You watch out fir yer ankle honey.

    Big Leurve to you and el Nobbio.

    Miss yiz.

    PS Mr X Says a big FUUKKKUUUN! to y'all.

  3. Tis been a while since on yer blog so hello! Some crazy stuff going on over their eh, read all yer things to links with the drinking indian women and all the anti gay stuff ect. Not so good, but i am sure all is mellow in yer neck of the woods. You have missed a cracking couple of gigs in the last few weeks(Bombskare and a pre season fence gig) Both fecking barry. Ira seem to be back just klled a couple o army boys, tis all doom an gloom over here wi the economy, printing money an stuff. So bring a wheel barrow back forget your wallet its nae use. On a lighter note its the Hibs v Hearts on sat so i am sure by 4.45 gmt you can have a big laugh at the state o hibs! Dunno i canny laugh ICT beat the gers mid week at Ibrox ho hum...

    See ya soon

  4. Good shout, Copester. Bombskare were right barry last time i saw them (supportin Laurel Aitken i think so musta been years ago) and a spot o the FC is always welcome. Definitely miss a bitto live music out here.

    Just scooped a coupla weekend tickets for Rockness - Orbital and the Super Furries in the same field on the same weekend - never thought that wid happen again.

    Gouranga, ya bass!