Thursday, 12 March 2009

Happy Holi

Religious festivals have never really rocked my boat. When i was wee, i got made to sit in various school halls for hours on end while some windbag spraffed on about Jesus and his chums. My favourite quote bout xmas from Everything But The Girl ("It's cold and there's nothing to do...") changed slightly last year when the Phoenix opened its doors to the public on the anniversary of the death of James Brown. But it was still a bit pish if i'm totally honest.

However, Holi is a whole different kettle o coconuts. Certainly in Goa, there seems to be no properly religious aspect to proceedings in the few days up to and including the first (only?) full moon in March. It's mos def a Hindu thing but, as it's been explained to me, it's really just an excuse to take a break from the old routine, visit friends and family, eat a bit too much home cooking and even bevvy a bit if that's yer bag.

And on the day and night of full moon itself, all hell breaks loose as awkuntz encouraged to disrespect authority, caper around and chuck paint on each other. Folk of all and no religion here go mental for it and after dark, troops of drummers make their way from house to house bangin out barry rhythms. I saw some amazin dancing like Morris dancers on PCP - young, fit and sweaty gadgies wheechin in and out with ropes suspended from a central wooden beam.

That stuff goes on til dawn when a big fire's sparked up on the beach and those left standin run through the embers and into the sea. I'm no suggesting boxing day bonfires down the Shore but there must be a guid few lessons we can take from Holi. First and most important lesson for me would be to have a bit o fun and invite yer neebs to join in. Oops....that wis 2. Oh well.


  1. "it's really just an excuse to take a break from the old routine, visit friends and family, eat a bit too much home cooking and even bevvy a bit if that's yer bag."
    "there must be a guid few lessons we can take from Holi"

    Is that no what most cats over here do at xmas and the majority of them end up moaning about it? Struggling to see what lessons we can take matey.

  2. Hmmm...i kinda take yer point bout xmas, Scottie - we do indeed mainly visit friends and family and eat and drink too much.

    Thing about Holi is naeb'dy buys any presents, they don't show the Sound O Music on the tellybox and you get to chuck paint (in powder form in that photae) on anyone you like with nae come back whatsoever.

    These are guid things which cannot be said about xmas. Plus it's done in Spring when the weather's no too hot and no too cold. Plus Muslims, Christians, Parsis, Jains, Jews, atheists and nae doots Scientologists are mair than welcome.

    I always feel a bit left out at chrimbo due to my lack of Christianity. And the fact that i dinnae dig turkey. And the fact that i've already seen the Great Escape 42 times. I do, however, right like an al dente brussels sprout.

    Anyway, moan the JT's!

  3. Sounds like fun but let's not be under the impression that we on this fair isle don't know how to have a laugh and enjoy ourselves.

    Not seen much in way of paint chucking I must admit, but simple pleasures like the wearing of a wig or amusing hat might seem mundane but can in fact lead to a fair bit of right barry banter.

  4. Damn tootin, Al. We're right lucky boogers to come from a cold wee place full of warm wee hearts. And we're also lucky enough to have the dosh and the leisure time to indulge those warm wee hearts.

    Guid night on Friday then?

  5. No that I think yer talkin pish Donald, but Christmas aside we all indulge ourselves to the TK Max ower Easter. We're all happy tae take this religious holiday and get welto'd up north wey our mates. Fair enough - we dinnae go up north because it's Easter - it just happens tae be a holiday that loads ay cats can take at the same time. But this 'Holi' stuff doesnae sound too different tae the eating, drinking, fire building general radgeness of Team Welto on Tour.
    Our jaunts are in spring, generally nae telly unless there is relevant fitba on and we would welcome Jews, Muslims, Christians, Jains, Parsis and all the rest ay the God botherers, it's just we dinnae ken any.

    Gaun Yersel.

  6. It's a fair cop (but society's tae blame). 3 outta 3 o yiz cannae be wrong.

    There's nuffink spesh bout Holi it's just that ahm oan some blissed out abroad trip hing and ah cannae see hings straight.

    See y'all iN Peebles to put yer theory to the test.

    Goruanga! Give Style! Get In! Yeehaar!

  7. Christmas is pish man. I'm gonna bring the holi to the moli next year: buy no presents and carry flour based Christmas defence system at all times. I will out fool the yule. Ha ha!