Monday, 1 June 2009

AKB Harriers

Embra's weekend weather was right toasty and lent itself to loafin in the Links with a coupla tins, a frisbee and a fitba. A wee bit o that (minus the tins) occurred on Saturday but yesterday was all about the AKB Harriers crackin the 2009 Edinburgh Marathon (hereafter referred to as the Snickers).

Laura (above) lead off for the AKB relay team and was swiftly followed by Mary, Ronnie and Mel. They fair scooted round the course (Mel looked like she was actually skippin on the last leg) and it was clear by their ease of progress that training had paid off. Bizarrely, this year's Snickers was sponsored by a tattie merchant and each runner received a bag o spuds along with their medal. Here's hopin they were maris pipers (surely the most versatile and tastiest o tubers). Anyway, the Harriers fully deserve all the joy those tatties can bring - a magic effort fae the lassies and lad.

The first leg of the course ran right by our front door and i must admit to bein quite moved by the sight of 17,000 runners of all shapes, sizes and abilities poundin down the hill. Brought a wee lump to ma throat and inspired me to rope Al D, Pablo and DJ Wanless into agreein we'll go for it next year (nae backin down now, lads).

Supporters for the day (Chip, Scottie B, Stevie D, Wanless, Pablo, Al D and masel) took the Innoccent Railway cycle path under Arthur's Seat then picked up the Brunstane Burn path out to Musselburgh for the finish. From Musselburgh, we took the John Muir Way past Cockenzie and Port Seaton almost as far as Longniddry. All three paths are highly recommended for walkers or cyclists keen to get from city to coast avoiding roads almost all the way.

John Muir by the way - what a barry gadgie, not only did he have a pure comedy beard but he pretty much invented the great US outdoors. Barry day out but, due to a coupla months off the bike, my erse is fair nippin the day likes.


  1. No turning back now that you have committed to print that you will do the snickers next year.

    What HAVE you done?!

  2. Tis true, JJ, that may be one of my dafter commitments. But the time i had a ticket to see the Clash play the Playhouse (tween Sandinista and Combat Rock i seem to recall) the gig was binned cos Joe Strummer nashed to Paris. With no prep whatsoever, Joe just ran the Paris Snickers. In 3 and a half hours or sumfink.

    At least that's what it says in Chris Salewicz's very excellent "Redemption Song" biog book thingy (best biog book thingy i've ever read).

    Must be a fair bit older than Joe was then but my lifestyle's nowhere near as rock n roll (mair's the pity). So erm.....if he could do it, twill be a veritable piece o pish. (And i'm only doin an 8 mile stretch as part of a wee relay team.)

  3. I was very proud of all four them. Especially my bird natch.

    As demonstration of how fast they scooted round the course; Ronnie left to do his 8 mile stint and I spoke to my bird shortly after that. We then decided to go up to where he handed over to my bird. Should make it without too much bother as it's only 5 miles from here and we are on bikes. But, by the time we got up there, Mel was already away. So we nashed back to the finish line, hoping to be able to beat her back. We're on bikes remember. But I got back a good 10 minutes after she had finished.

    So although I wasn't in the good books for not seeing my bird run, or cross the finish line, at least everyone is happy with their times.

    I can't wait for next year now, I wish it was sooner.

  4. I think that's the best account of the Edinburgh marathon I've ever read! and the best description of John Muir...