Tuesday, 28 July 2009

AKB Cycling Club

8 members of the AKB Cycling Club hooked up at the Roseleaf on Saturday morning for July's outing. Those pictured above are Jason, Pablo, Gizz, DJ Wanless, Laura, Scottie B, Stevie D and masel. As Johnny K was too busy running his splendid bar cafe to make the bike run, he took the photo and Lynne served pre-run Irn Bru and tea (the Scottish Breakfast blend's a mighty fine brew). I half fancied grabbin a beetroot and chilli pickled egg (nobody does them better) but having just scoffed a scrambled egg roll, felt well egged up and swerved it.

So the run: a quick scoot along the Water of Leith lead us through Vicky Park past Trinity Primary where i spent 4 of the happiest years of my life (really). We battered on to Telford Path, crossing the big red bridge over Crewe Toll then under Telford Road where we stopped for a quick marvel at the fine graffiti. Must get Dunk down there sometime soon - i could spot the Elph work but he'd nae doots put a few more names to the tags. Well groovy spraycan action. I'll take some pics next time.

We soon ran out of disused railway lines and followed cycle route signs through suburban Silverknowes and the mansions of Barnton to Cramond Brig. At this point, the official cycle path runs close by the A90 to Queensferry but AKB cyclists occasionally eschew officialdom and we turned sharp right into Dalmeny Estate. This vast area comprises farmland, mature forests, beaches, a golf course, Dalmeny House and hunners o tidy lookin workers' cottages. It's owned by the Roseberrys who're very clearly no short of a bob or two. Jolly decent of them to allow a proletarian mob to spin across the lawns and through the muddy puddles of their impressive back garden.

30 mud spattering mins after entering the Estate, we reached the Hawes Inn at South Queensferry. This old boozer's parked right under the Forth Bridge and gets a mention in Robert Louis Stevenson's "Kidnapped" which, if memory serves is set just after the Jacobite Rebellion. So the Hawes has been around a while and seen a bit of action. It's doubtful that any of the action's been quite as manky as the tale one of our crew related in the beer garden. He was young, he was daft, he wisnae used to the drink. And he shall remain anonymous.

Many years ago his first ever works Christmas night out was held in the Hawes. The work supplied wine on the tables (half white, half red). Luckily for this tale, our hero was the only red wine drinker at his table and guzzled several bottles to himself. He likes his scran anaw and soon went seeking the lavvies in desperate need of a keech. Due to the bevvy, he got a bit lost and stumbled into a bedroom with no en suite facilities. By this stage, he'd relaxed the sphincter a bit too much and really had to evacuate sharpish. Very sharpish. Rather than just keech in a corner, our boy thought he'd have a laugh with it, jumped up on the bed and laid a fresh jobby on top of the duvet. To compound this heinous faux pas, our lad nashed back to the table, grabbed the boss and took him for a peek and a giggle at what he'd just done.

Apparently, there was a slightly frosty atmosphere in the office on the Monday.

Once we'd stopped fallin about the garden, half of us headed back to Leith and the rest crossed the Forth Road Bridge to North Queensferry. We returners took the offical cycle path via Dalmeny village as far as Cramond Brig where we followed the river Almond to its mouth. From there we cycled along Silverknowes esplanade then jumped the road (boo) for a wee bit along Lower Granton Road til we picked up the Trinity cycle path back to Leith.

All in all a fab day out and once again, most pleasing to see how far we could get with minimal use of roads. AKB cyclists don't like roads.


  1. Sounds like a right good run (cycle). Wish I could have been there, but at the time I was 130 miles away and was out for a run (jog) of slightly less generous proportions.

    I hope to be fully biked up very soon and will be ready for testing my new machine on the canal towpaths and cycle tracks between Leith and Falkirk.

    Interesting tale about the Hawes Inn, I've narrowed it down to two likely culprits.

  2. Twas a nice wee jaunt so it was.

    The cycle paths in and around Edinburgh are fantastic for getting around the city.

    Mibbes just me but I sense Bikes are coming back 'in' fashion an aw. Canna be a bad thing surely.

    Altho I think the council may be being a bit optimistic by signing up to this charter, all good in theory tho. Just hope they have the cash to implement whats required.


  3. I never know what to expect when reading your blog, Naldo and you're still expanding my vocabulary... "He likes his scran anaw and soon went seeking the lavvies in desperate need of a keech." ... though the meaning of 'keech' became evident soon enough. Always an interesting read!

    Good going on the day out cycling, sounds fun!

  4. Al man, get them wheels sorted and lets take that canal to the Falkirk Wheel. The great thing about cyclin is it feels so much easier than runnin.

    Scottie, if the council cannae afford to pay the bin dudes a decent wage, i cannae see them coughin up much for cyclists. Hope the councillors enjoyed their wee jolly in Brussels, ate groovy waffles, drank plenty Trappist beers etc. Yer right though, the tracks in and round Embra are much undervalued.

    Ms TB, glad to be keepin you on yer linguistic toes. Al D's Random Rants blog put me onto this and you might find it useful in future: http://www.firstfoot.com/dictionary
    Feel free to ask if anything's puzzlin you though. And in the meantime, take it easy and be groovy to yirsel.

  5. If somebody can show me how to work my bike then Id be right up for a cycle. I tend to dismount though when I go up or down a kerb.

  6. Haw, Fotodburd, sounds like you need tae git yirsel a pair o stabilisers or mibbies a trike. Wid be sound as milk if you came on the August run and took some o yer barry fotos. Moan.