Monday, 20 July 2009

Rabbie's On The Coke

Mand came home from work (whatever that is) tother day wi a bottla coca cola featuring Rabbie Burns on the label. 250 years since his birth, Homecoming and aw that.

Really no sure how i feel about this. I love Burns' poetry, i like the taste of coca cola, it's packed full o sugar and caffeine, it's almost as good as coffee (nah, no really) and the firm that makes it's a shower o shites.

You can buy coke everywhere i've ever been in the world. Which isnae right. Coke represents the very zenith of consumerist imperialism. I despise it. But it tastes good and helps wi hangovers. Irn Bru's overrated on that front. Sorry.

Now i'm on that subject, nowt touches Alka Seltzer when it comes to the mornin after, spesh when mixed wi an effervescent vit c tab. As Archie MacPherson would put it, "Whoofhca!"

But i digress. Should i dig the zenith of consumerism bummin up Burns or should i see it for the shabby opportunism it really represents? I think the latter - it's like the Clash on a Levi's ad. Wrong.

I'll be keepin hud o the bottle though. Tis a cracker.


  1. The horror, the horror! Given Coca-Cola's political allegiances perhaps, for balance, they could have included the words to the Burns anti-war poem 'I MURDER HATE' (sung to the tune of an auld New Seekers song - which it fits like a glove).

  2. You should smash the bottle and walk on the shards in your bare feet. A little bit of bloodletting til you come to your senses.


  3. Ahhhh Alkie Settlers.....pure barry at T in the P. Ah was oaf ma nut on them watching The Special Brews on the Main Stage on Saturday. Pure braw

  4. You're spot on, Kevin. Beautiful song about preferring to get yer rocks off to doing the state and church's dirty work. I found it here:

    And it has been suggested in some quarters that Burns was not a radical. Tch! Any idea how come Rabbie was so aware of the foreign affairs of his and earlier times?

    Ms TB, call me old fashioned but if i'm gonna run this snickers thing, cut plates o meat winnae help.

    Fotoburd! Hiya! You sure were knockin back the AS's at TITP. Glad you picked up on the pun in the name - they had a right guid hoot the day they came up wi that one. I hate to big up drug companies but have to applaud the makers for their advice on the box which says " taken at bed time and again in the morning..." Lovely.