Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Fannies, I Love You

Been mopin bout the hoose far too much of late. This is due to it goin all quiet on the testing, painting and gairdnin fronts. The pishy weather means i cannae even add finishing touches to my ain windaes (painter's tip time: undercoat and primer need good dry weather to do their thing on fresh timber).

So, as mentioned in the AKB Harriers post, me, Pablo, Wanless and Al D plan to enter a relay team in next year's Embra snickers. To this end i've kicked off a proper training schedule. Aim is to try and run an 8 mile section in about an hour. That may prove too adventurous for a welto of my erm...age and lifestyle. We'll see, but in the meantime, i've trained just twice and the dodgy knee's nippin already. Any tips on nippy knee protection?

Other than that and an evening Macjob on the phones, i've been diggin out old tunes and playin them louder than i should (crazy, huh?) You can get away with a lot when yer neebs are at work. Anyway, shame of shames i'd forgotten just how good Teenage Fanclub really are. Been kinda ignorin the Fannies since catchin them at Connect 2008, which i now realise was just plain daft. According to the website, they're playin a few festy dates over the summer, though not T in the Park which i'll be gracing wi ma presence this coming weekend (come on weather, sort yer act oot!)

Until i see them live again (and they are astounding in the flesh), i'll kick back and blast the flawless Bandwagonesque, Thirteen, Grand Prix and Songs Fom Northern Britain lp's. Aural beauties, every one.


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  2. I'm only 41 and I'm hard of hearing. I have to wear hearing aids. It sucks. The cause? Loud music. Just saying.

    Good going on the running thing. :-) Very inspiring for me to see others doing this sort of thing. How long does it take you to run 8 miles currently?

  3. Liking a bit of the Fannies now and again.
    Songs from Northern Britain

    Braw album

  4. Thanks for deleting the fake post.

    Not a bad album, by the way. Heard Big Star's "Radio City"?

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  6. Ms TB, that's a chastening tale for me. I've been frequenting noisy nightclubs and gigs for nearly 30 years now (yeah, i am old enough to know better) and am probs dicing with hearing impairment in the future. My dad fought in the RA during the Korean war and now needs to use hearing aids. Hmmmm....I should take more care. Ta. I'd struggle to run 8 miles at all at the moment. But i've been quite fit in the past so, if i stick to the plan, should be in decent nick by next Spring.

    Alien Orders, it's a pure brammer eh? I dig the sleeve artwork anaw.

    Scottish Unionist, nae probs. We may disagree about a coupla political things but whoever's writing those posts needs to take a long hard look at themself. Some right weirdos out there. I'll check out Big Star's Radio City today. Ta for the tip.

  7. I also like Fannies. I suspect though that you mean a different type of Fannie to me though.

  8. Teeheehee. I couldn't possibly comment, Cookie.

    A wee story that did the rounds when i was a kid was that tv chef Fanny Craddock appeared on BBC's teatime Nationwide programme one day before Shrove Tuesday in the early 70's and showed the nation how to make delicious pancakes. At the end of the show, the presenter (Michael Barrat i think) said "Goodnight everyone, and i hope tomorrow your pancakes turn out like Fanny's." Used to make me giggle in the primary school playground.

  9. Tis been fecking ages since a browse on yer blog, Busy busy man!By the way Tfc are playing Clapham common, London they are playing a Ben and Jerry's festival? 25/26 july or summit. Sure you could squeeze it in between all the camping an art an festivals an training you have already graced this summer! Enjoy :)

  10. Yo, Al geez. London - is you avin a giraffe? Coulndae afford it at the moment.

    Think we're cyclin to the Falkirk Wheel that weekend if ya fancy.