Thursday, 22 October 2009

Cup Cakes

It's been a slow week - virtually naeb'dy wants gardens tended, walls painted, electric cabling replaced or even fish howked oot the sea. And absolutely naeb'dy wants software tested. Ho hum.

Working highlight of the week has been home delivering Chinese meals - always a pleasure to be the bearer of barry scran, but hours are anti-social, pay is keech and the gaps between deliveries are as dull as the SPL.

Social highlight of the week was gettin el reekio on Sunday in the really rather jolly Port O Leith. The Port has a fine selection of competitively priced bevvy, a jukie to die for and lenient yet clued up barstaff, all of which encourage the kinda clientele only a proper misanthrope could fail to love. And they let dugs in. Perfect.

Culinary highlight of the week was baking cup cakes - pictured above just after i'd scoffed yin. These may look like a drunk 2 year old wi a broken arm made them but they were in fact deliciously moist and chocolatey til i stuck them in the fridge for 24 hours (they went all stodgey). Ta very much indeed to Jelly for the inspiration - Jelly, your cakey obsession's a fine one to have and i'll see and keep this weekend's batch ootra fridge.

So here comes another weekend. "Weekend" loses much of its lustre when work's irregular but this one has Ruth and Ming's wedding to jazz things up a bit. Yeeahaar - bring on the ceilidh!


  1. Cup-cake meets fridge disaster. An air-tight container was what you really needed my man.
    Wouldnae mind a shot o one of the next batch.
    [licks lips in anticipation] =0P

  2. Were they "special" cup cakes or just ordinary ones?

  3. Al, your saying "tupperware" aren't ya? You're takin Tales of the City too literally. But aye, yer right likesay. Yer on fir the next batch.

    Johnny, alas i cannae afford special ingredients these days so they were straight cup cakes, if that isnae too oxymoronic. Blew ma spare dosh in the Port.

  4. If I delivered Chinese takeaways I would get fired for eating them all - you obviously have more self control! I am now craving all sorts of delicious morsels....damn you!

  5. I never know what to expect on your blog, Naldo but I woulda never have guessed cupcakes and tupperware. ;-)

    Mebbe combine the Chinese food delivery with the delivery of 'special cupcakes' on the side!

    Those paper cup things look huge!

  6. J, it's a bit crap working all night with an empty belly and the waft of black bean sauce. I get to pick a meal from the menu at knockin off time (23:30) but that's way to late to eat.

    Ms TB, i'm steering clear of special cup cakes deliveries - gotta keep ma nose clean. Those paper cup things are way too big. Reckon they're meant for massive muffins not cheeky wee cup cakes.

  7. Barry scran? Your cupcakes look delicious - yes, the fridge would ruin them. Didn't have you down as a cupcake man.

  8. Congrats on your successful cupcakes Naldo!!
    They look fantastic.

    Don't put them in the fridge, an airtight container will keep them fresh for at least 3-4 days.

    I'm so glad you made them and enjoyed them.