Saturday, 3 October 2009

Espania Porfavor

Today's been a guid yin (depsite ma team bein pish and gettin beat off St Mirren). All summer long, thanks to my rather wonderful mates (in collusion wi they econmy wreckin, pensioned up, bank chief fuckwits), i've done all kindsa crazy ass jobs that no middle aged office boy ever expects to get a crack at. I've been indulged by my skilled chums as labourer, learner, tea boy, driver and some time sad sack dead weight.

Today i struck out on ma ain and did my first coupla real jobs on behalf o " Naldo Gardening Services" (aka summat else). I cut grass, sheared privets, trimmed shrubs, snipped edges, shifted trampolines, hoed off moss, sawed out pampas, dead headed roses, swept up clippings and even advised on composting techniques. The punter cats seemed impressed. They made me coffee, offered biscuits, told me bout their D Day experiences and asked me back. I'll be back (a week on Monday).

And in the meantime, me, Mand, Meljo and Al are off to Andalucia for a free week's hol. Really. Meljo won it in a tombola at last year's Embra Tree Fest. So we'll be brushin up our Flamenco, whackin back the cervezas and guzzlin doon the tapas.

Naekunt digs a gloater and i do love yiz aw, but for a week at least, "consígalo bien arriba usted". In a nice way natch.

Gouranga, kiddywinks.


  1. should be nice this time of the year, furry boots you going?

  2. "metetelo bien adentro" would be a more correct translation n'aw.

  3. Woo! Have fun and enjoy your treehuggin' karma, tea boy! :-)

  4. Have a cerveza for me mate...... note I said 'for me' not 'on me'..... Prost....or whatever!

  5. Have fun in Spain! After all that laboring, you deserve a rest.

  6. did you ever make those cupcakes yet?

  7. I was at Stirling Uni too! 1972 t0 1977

  8. Yobe!

    Andrew, twas indeed very pleasant on the weather front - sunny, hot, cool and calm at all the right times. We were just West o Malaga. I'll post aboot it shortly. Tee hee - just translated your phrase - "stick it deep inside" - diggin that.

    Hasta luego to you anaw, Scunnert. "Bueno bueno!" as Gregory woulda said if he'd been to Spain.

    Ms TB, i took a bing o pics on the trip, nearly all of which were of graffiti or local plant life. Sad but true, i'm gettin too into this horticulture ting. Trees? I love em.

    Neil, several cervezas were sunk, as were several vinos (blanco y tinto). I'm fully up fir the Scot Gov's minimum price per unit o bev policy but when ye can pick up a tasty bottla wine fir 30 bob, it does make me wonder.

    Wolynski, cheers bro, relaxing's now over, i'm ready and willin to labour til my skinny wee ass drops off again.

    Jelly, dem cup cakes are gonna happen this week. Just back last night and i need to pad out that skinny ass somehow. I'll keep you in da loop.

    Yorkie, was it you wot chucked that bottla wine at the queen? If so, good man. I was (a bit briefly) there from 81, same time as a coupla very famous Scottish politicians. Howja ken i was there? You workin for the CIA or summat?

  9. Good on you. I admire your sense of get up and go. More power too you.