Friday, 16 October 2009

Ibrox Park And A Mystery Solved

Big SHOUT OUT! to Johnny for recognisin the ghosty wee gadge in the top right of the pic above. A version of her/him was sprayed on a wall at La Cala beach (Andalucia) and Johnny pinned it to "He Man And The Masters Of The Universe".

I'm way too old to have watched the telly prog but i've heard of Castle Greyskull. It's where those cuddly Glesca Rangers play their home games.

Can any of my Teddy Bear chums tell me which players are shown in the pic above? There's something bout the boy in the middle reminds me of Fernando Ricksen but i could be mistaken.


  1. The boy to the right of He Man looks a bit like Mr Souness wi his dodgy tache.

    The boy on the left of He Man (Skeletor) is obviously who Donald Findlay wants to be reincarnated as.

    Orca (the dude in your Graffiti) could be Sir David due to his obvious lack of walking utensils.

    The three females are probably some sort of Govan Ladette Crew, by the looks of it they're dressed for an all night Fantazia at the Braehead Arena.

  2. Tee hee spot on, Senga. Barry link anaw.

  3. I have my very own She-Ra Princess of Power Sword of Protection.

    Did I just say that out loud?

  4. Can't be Ricksen Naldo, his balls are too big.
    And yes mtb you did. grrrrrrowwwwwwl!

  5. That is Rod Petrie with the dodgy looking helmet on
    What is he doing fratrinising with the Weegie forces of darkness?

  6. Ms TB, a She-ra Princess of Power Sword of Protection's a totally new one on me. Sounds entertaining though.

    Neil, i think yer right, dem baws aint Ricksen's.

    And Alien Orders I think you're right anaw - Petrie was probs just discussing terms for the next hibbie to be transferred into oblivion come Jan. The only good thing about Romanov is that he's cleared out our decent players already and the Evil Empire arenae interested in what's left.