Friday, 19 March 2010

The Heelans

Last week i was lucky enough to be driven round bits of the Highlands as part of an assessment for the tour guide/bus driver job thingy. We had 3 sparklingly still, blue-skied days to keek at frozen lochs and snow topped peaks and it all looked flippin beautiful. Our driver guide was funny, informative and sympathetic to the demands of a varied group of youngish singles and middle youth couples from Australia, USA, India, China and Sooth Efrikay.

I right wanna do the same job as her but the bams (groovy peeps really) who run the outfit are draggin matters out to the point that i'm braced firra knock back. Reckon they're all too damn nice to gimme the kb and imagine them all huddled round a phone givin it "Aw goan you phone and let him down gently. Goan. Please." Or mibbies they sussed me for a fud and binned my application as soon as the bus got back to Embra.

Hmm...i dinnae do patience well and hate when matters are out my own hands.

In the meantime, the pic at the top is of Buachaille Etive Mor (the Bookle) as seen through the front bus windae - better than the view from every office i've ever worked in.

Below's the view west from Rannoch Moor. Chilly but cool and proof that it's no always shite being Scottish.

This next yin's how Eilan Donan looked. It's probs the corniest castle in Scotland, i could almost smell the shortbread but hey, you've gotta love it.

Here are the Black Cuilins from Slighachan where we had a wee picnic and lobbed lumps of frozen ice at each other (in a friendly way, natch).

And finally, a wee view sorta north towards the Old Man of Storr.

So come on phone - ring now, ya bugger ye!


  1. Sheer class, tell me Scotland isnae the best place in the world tae live an' al tell ye yer talkin' pish

    (no countin the political climate, shite telly, junk food, shite fitba' capitalism n' that)

  2. Love the framed through-the-window shot. Is that a wee coo sitting on the dash?

  3. Barrie phoatays Naldo ma man. By the way a've been bendin the big mans ear fur ye as far as the joabs concerned. This zime am feelin right optimistic fur ye (effter the slaggin ah goat oaf the lads am takin it easy!) So a'll keep bendin the big cats ear until wi hear the good news.

  4. Aye Naldo, the boys fae the High Wall are aw rootin fur ye.
    I see thon wee buses up here in the 'Keld aw the time, a quick deek at the cathedal and the Tay and back on the bus to the next stop, sometimes see wee tribes o' them haein a quick daunder aroond the Hermitage as well. They young yins lap it up.
    I had a tourist boy off one o' thon buses come intae ma wifes shop last summer. This cat was fae fae South Africa and was lovin' the fact that I had the Cocteau Twins playin in the shop. We had a barry wee chat aboot the 4AD stuff and aw that. The boy knew his onions when it came to the music.
    Bottom line is that a cat that like a blether is what is needed on thon buses. Me I'd be on the blower to the bams askin whit the score was. Shows that yir keen.
    Guid luck anyways.

  5. Great pics. That would be a fine job to have and wish you every success.

  6. Aye, Dougie, we are fortunate indeed to live in Scotland. We could as you point out, do wi a decent fitba team though.

    PG, it is indeed a cheeky wee hairy coo. Well spotted.

    High Wa' boys and Scunnert, cheers for yer good wishes - much appreciated. I hope to traipse a few young uns through Dunkeld, tell aes the name o the shop and i'll mibbies convert a few to the Cocteaus - my only complaint bout the trip was the youngsters choice o choons: utter keech.

  7. Corniest castle?! Ha! How is it corny? And at you HAVE castles! Nearest thing to a castle around my next of the woods is fortress built from 200,000 coke bottles, haha.

    Beautiful photos. Fingers crossed. :-)