Monday, 22 March 2010


From a week past Sunday to Saturday just passed i worked 62 hours, all manual, all pretty flippin tiring. So i was knackered and ready for a quiet night in front o a good film and maybe a glass or two o the vino. What my body really didnae need was to hook wi Giz an Mand in the Nix then head on up to Headspin at the Bongo Club.

But bugger ma body (no really), a proper night out was what the soul craved and that's precisely what it got. I used to be a bit o a Headspin regular but frequent long trips to Goa, the erm...ageing process and a distinct shortage o funds of late meant i hadnae darkened the Bongo's door since Halloween. I'd clearly forgotten how much fun you can have in a dark, sweaty room wi a friendly bunch o like minded groovers.

Like most o ma pals, my favourite Headspin nights have tended to be when the residents hold court - big name guests often disappoint and, while it's ay good to meet a different crowd o punters, sometimes the star gazing types dinnae really engage wi the ethos and detract a bit fae the barry random vibe. (Or maybe i'm just an elitist ersepiece who envies students their youth and vitality.)

Anyway, Saturday was a different kettle o coconuts cos the guest in toon was DJ Format. Not only is he a right decent gadge who supports his home team even though they're gash, he also spun some well tasty choons in the right order and segued supremely. In my no too humble opinion, Format was the best guest at Headpsin in living memory. Clearly my memory's been shredded by too many nights in clubs and no enough kip but hey, i have no higher accolade to offer.

The truly keech pic above was taken on my mobie and does nae justice whatsoever to what was really goin on.

Twas great to let ma suede headed hair doon, dance my skinny ass off and talk pish to peeps i hadnae seen in ages plus a few i'd never met. Though work yesterday was a bitto a struggle (too may kg's to too many top floor flats), my soul was refreshed by a wee wash in the Headspin waters and i'll try no to leave it as long til i'm back next time.

No really sure what soul is by the way, but i ken i've got it.


  1. First time visitor from Yorkshire Pudding's blog via J.J's....

    I didnae know how much I luved a Scottish brogue until I read your wee posting. And if I am ever a guest in your toon I will hie ma wee hiney (no really) over to Headspin toute de suite.

    Enjoyed this immensely....

  2. The boys fi the High Wall wir rare keen oan a guid skank doon at the Students Union. Ave goat a bit oh a problem wi lettin ma hair doon nowadays coz thirs nowt tae let doon. Enjoy Naldo, enjoy.......

  3. It wiz barry to huv ye back, pal, dinnae leave it so long next time. Ye ken yer always welcome doon heidspin way.
    I happen to also ken that yer birthday this year falls on a heidspin night, so there can surely be no excuse for that one.

  4. Howdy, Rhymes, barry to hear from ye. If yer ever headed this way, geez a shout and i'll recommend a few bits an pieces for ye to do. For such a wee place, Embra has much to commend it.

    Bobrob, ah mind when the new Bongo wiz Moray House Union. Saw some tasty local bands and failed to pull some tasty local/non local students there many times. Did the High Wallers ever make it to the old Bongo in New Street? Twas a right dump but i loved it.

    Twas barry bein back, Al. A wee birthday trip to Headspin mos def sounds the biz. Nae cake though, eh? That many candles would be a serious fire hazard.